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             You are cordially invited to a reception for our new director Emily Owen on Monday, November 25th from 4-6pm. Join us as we warmly welcome Emily to the staff of the Canton Free Library. Emily is looking forward to an evening of conversation with our patrons. We’ve enjoyed working with Emily for the past month, and we’re happy to have her at the helm of the CFL.

            While you are in our lovely library, gather some books to curl up with on these cold November days.  It’s been a great season for newly-released books. Our to-read lists just keep growing and make us wish we had more time to read!

            One title that caught the eye of the Jane Austen fans on staff is Longbourn by Jo Baker. In this Regency novel, Baker imagines what life was like for the servants in Pride and Prejudice, focusing on an orphaned housemaid named Sarah. While Lizzie Bennett and her sisters are attending balls, Sarah is mending their petticoats and changing their chamber pots. However, there is just as much complicated romance and drama in the servants’ quarters as there is in the Bennett family.

CFL Living Library

Living Library

Join CFL on Wednesday, May 3, for our third annual "Living Library." Living Libraries are a way to get to know your community better through informal, one-on-one conversations with some of the many fascinating people who make the North Country their home.

 In the past, we've invited vistors to explore the history of Canton and to meet some fascinating people who call our town home. This year, our Living Books are a few of the many Canton residents who came here from other countries, regions and cultures. Join us from 6pm-8pm to talk, listen, share stories, and see your home through someone else's eyes!

For more information, call Emily at (315) 386-3712 extension 2, or message us on Facebook.


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