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Dog Day Reads

            July 3rd marked the beginning of “The Dog Days of Summer,” when Sirius, The Dog Star, rises with the sun. Usually the hottest time of summer, the dog days last through the beginning of August and are a period when many feel low-energy and drowsy. Pick up some books from the Canton Free Library to hold you through the dog days when you find yourself too lethargic to do much else than swing in your hammock or relax near the pool.

CFL Weekly

On Your Mark, Get Set…READ!

The Children’s Summer Reading Program at the Canton Free Library starts next week. This year the collaborative SRP seeks to engage young patrons with books about their favorite games, teams, sports, and activities. Stock up on great reads to enhance our fun-filled events and enrich your family’s literary experience this summer!

Stop by the CFL Children’s Room to find novels by author Matt Christopher about hockey, baseball, soccer, and basketball. Aimed towards readers in grades 3-6, these stories tackle topics such as friendship, team spirit, and balancing athletics with academics. Matt Christopher wrote more than fifty sports novels for young readers before his death in 1997, many of which are available through interlibrary loan.

In My 13th Season by Kristi Roberts, Fran Cullers goes from star player to outcast when she moves to a new town. The boys on the Highwater Hardwares team focus on her gender instead of her ability. Fran strikes back by plotting revenge and learning some harsh lessons about the cost of retribution.

For a book about just enjoying the game, pick up Soccer Mania by Jane O’Connor. Fancy Nancy Clancy loves being part of the Green Goblins soccer team, even though she can’t quite keep up with many of her teammates. This chapter book is filled with humor, cute illustrations, and plenty of word play.

Pick up Matt Napier’s picture book Z is for Zamboni to introduce the alphabet and facts about hockey, a North Country favorite sport. This fun book includes hockey rules, history of the game, and representations of professional players.

For more titles, please ask our friendly staff in the Children’s Room. Too busy to make it to the library? Use your Canton Free Library card to check out eBooks at The eLibrary has books available for all ages.

CFL Weekly

Farm Fun

A big weekend is approaching for the Canton community with the Dairy Princess Festival on the horizon! Make sure to look for the Canton Free Library staff and volunteers in the park during this time. We’ll be giving away free books during the Block Party on June 3rd. We have some wonderful titles available that we aren’t able to put in our collection.


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