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 Irish Tales

            “Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible,” according to Charles Haughey, the former Taoiseach of Ireland. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we invite you to explore weird and wonderful stories that feature Ireland and Irish Americans. From fantasy to historical fiction, our shelves are filled with Irish tales for patrons of all ages.

CFL Weekly

 Women’s History Month

            It’s been over one hundred years since suffragists marched down Pennsylvania Ave in Washington D.C. on March 3, 1903 for the right to vote. Decades later, we’re still discovering hidden histories of women who changed or world.  At the Canton Free Library, we’re featuring stories about a variety of historical women, including those who were vocal about their struggles and those altered society in quieter ways. Join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month with historical fiction and nonfiction.

CFL Weekly

 Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

            All of these years I’ve been saying it wrong. According to the Random House website on Seuss, "If you want to pronounce the name the way his [Dr.Seuss] family did, say ‘Zoice’, not ‘Soose.’ Seuss is a Bavarian name, and was his mother’s maiden name." Who knew?

            This week we celebrate the birth of the famous Dr. Seuss, born as Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904. I remember his rhyming tale Hop on Pop being the first book I ever read. His books continue to be first reads for many of our children and grandchildren. His quirky illustrations and nonsensical rhymes make his 46 published works timeless.

            At the Canton Free Library, we have an entire bin filled with Seuss books. We invite you to check out your favorites, and to pick up his stories that have been made into popular films, such as The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who.  


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