CFL Weekly

Legends and Tall Tales

            You aren’t going to believe this, but Emily Owen, Carole Berard, Miss Valerie, and the rest of the Canton Free Library staff have been keeping a big secret from you. The CFL has a rare book that weights half a ton, handwritten in elderberry juice by Irving Bacheller, hidden in a secret underground collection, accessible only to holders of a special, elite library card.

Just kidding!

CFL Weekly

New Movies

            In the mood to curl up with a bowl of popcorn in front of the television this summer? We want to remind our patrons that the Canton Free Library is not only the place to go for books. We also have movies and many television shows. Pick up some summer entertainment in our DVD section! We’ve recently added new movies to our collection from a variety of genres.

CFL Weekly

Library Vote

         Support the Canton Free Library by casting your vote on Proposition #3 on the CCSD ballot on May 16th! CFL has been working on switching from three funding sources to one. Currently, if you live in the town or village of Canton, you contribute to the library through your municipal taxes and your school taxes. CFL wants to simplify that, without drastically changing our budget. Under our three-year funding plan, school district residents pay for the library once through your school taxes, and you have a say in our entire budget.


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