@ Your Library 11.12.20

WWII fiction for young adults


@ Your Library

by Beverly Ewart


Elizabeth Wein is one of my favorite authors of historical fiction, for young adults, that is set during WWII.  Appropriately, I finished her latest, The Enigma Game, on Veterans Day.  Once again, I am deeply appreciative for the sacrifices made by servicemen and women so that we can enjoy freedoms that we usually take for granted.  - Beverly


  • The Enigma Game by Elizabeth Wein.  Told in multiple voices, fifteen-year-old Jamaican Louisa Adair uncovers an Enigma machine in the small Scottish village where she cares for an elderly German woman, and helps solve a puzzle that could turn the tide of World War II.

  • A Thousand Sisters: The Heroic Airwomen of the Soviet Union in World War II by Elizabeth Wein.  In the early years of World War II, Josef Stalin issued an order that made the Soviet Union the first country in the world to allow female pilots to fly in combat. Led by Marina Raskova, these three regiments, including the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, nicknamed the 'night witches' faced intense pressure and obstacles both in the sky and on the ground. Some of these young women perished in flames. Many of them were in their teens when they went to war. This is the story of Raskova's three regiments, women who enlisted and were deployed on the front lines of battle as navigators, pilots, and mechanics. It is the story of a thousand young women who wanted to take flight to defend their country, and the woman who brought them together in the sky.

  • The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein.  Fifteen-year-old Julia Beaufort-Stuart wakes up in a hospital not knowing how she was injured, and soon befriends Euan McEwen, the Scottish Traveller boy who found her, and later, when a body is discovered, she experiences the prejudices his family has endured and tries to keep them from being framed for the crime.

  • Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein.  Having moved to Ethiopia to avoid the prejudices of 1930s America, Emilia Menotti, her black adoptive brother Teo, and their mother Rhoda, a stunt pilot, are devoted to their new country even after war with Italy looms, drawing the teens into the conflict.

  • Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein.  When young American pilot Rose Justice is captured by Nazis and sent to Ravensbrück, the notorious women's concentration camp, she finds hope in the impossible through the loyalty, bravery, and friendship of her fellow prisoners.

  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.  In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage, and great courage as she relates what she must to survive while keeping secret all that she can.


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Week 2: Working Hard or Hardly Working

A look at what we do for work, what we consider our work to be, and how it impacts our stories – Work is a major theme of your life!

Week 3: American Dreams

Searching for your American Dream using the important moments of your life, or your Life Markers

Week 4: Fears, Faith, & Future

Conveying your message – your fears, your hopes, and your dreams of the future – whether orally or through word relies on the power you put behind your message.

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