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 Stock Up

Rumor has it we’re going to have a crazy winter.  The snow this past week in Canada seems foreboding, but we’re hoping for milder weather. Nonetheless, it never hurts to be prepared. Stock up on canning and preserving books from the Canton Free Library during this harvest month, and fill your pantry with goodies for the cold months!

Our director Emily Owen recommends Canning for a New Generation: Bold Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff. She describes it as “a fun, accessible book about preserving food in many ways—not just canning…with tips on freezing, yogurt making and cooking with what you’ve canned. My favorites: Strawberry and Lemon Preserves, Apricot Jam with Vanilla Bean, and Roast Cornish Hens with Brandied Cherry Sauce. Yum!”

CFL Weekly

             It’s hard to believe it’s already time to send our children back to school! While some students are excited to meet their new teachers and reunite with classmates, many experience beginning-of-the-school- year jitters. Help ease their fears with books from our collection that feature students in new classrooms.

            For our patrons just starting school, we have Chu’s 1st Day of School by best-selling author Neil Gaiman. This new picture book follows a panda named Chu as he heads off for his first day of school. In addition to being nervous about whether or not his new teacher and classmates will like him, Chu is worried about how they will respond to his unusual quirk—his giant sneeze. Chu’s humorous experience will ease tensions about the big first day.

            Have a child who is entering middle school? Check out our guide Middle School: The Real Deal: From Cafeteria Food to Combination Locks by Juliana Farrell. Written in a casual tone, this book explores the academic and social challenges faced by this age group.

CFL Weekly

Brain Candy

            Welcome back, college students! We wish you the best of luck in your studies this semester. When course content leaves you feeling exhausted or in need of a break, we invite you to stop by. Aside from the resources we have to help you with your course work, we also have a variety of entertainment available to the public.

            For a temporary escape from our rural community, check out our video game collection. Travel to alternate universes that feature underwater cities, alien planets, and ornate castles. We have epic RPGs and action games, including:  Bioshock, the Borderlands games, several Final Fantasy titles, as well as one of my personal favorites, Dragon Age: Origins, available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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